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Made in Anchorage, Alaska. Frontiersman Sourdough starters are made with 100% organic ingredients: organic hard red wheat flour, water, wild Alaskan sourdough yeasts. Sourdough is a probiotic, vegan food. Packaging is 100% biodegradable.

Frontiersman Sourdough was started in Alaska as a way to share the rich history of sourdough in this state, contribute to environmental conservation in the last frontier, and support the millennia old practice of making sourdough. In Alaska, we’re always looking for a new adventure, new mountain to climb, and new gold to mine. We’re fueled by healthy, fresh baked sourdough.

Help us support our local communities, wild natural environment, and unique frontier history by embarking upon your sourdough expedition with us here at Frontiersman Sourdough. Frontiersman Sourdough is owned and operated by an environmental scientist. Thus, environmental stewardship is a central tenet of the company and is part of everything we do.

A portion of the profits from sourdough starter sales goes towards supporting non-profit conservation groups that help to protect Alaska’s wild natural environment. Please compost your biodegradable packaging and any unused sourdough starter.

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