Prince William Sound Salt Co Pure Finishing Salt



Hand Harvested – Small Batch – Alaska Sea Salt

Our mission is to produce salt in a sustainable and ethical way. We also believe that what you put into your body is important.

So we start with the cleanest, saltiest water. Working with info from the experts at the Prince William Sound Science Center in Cordova, Alaska we review the research to determine where the best deep ocean water for producing salt is. Water gathered from greater depth is denser and twice as salty as surface water. Our water is also cleaner. Surface water and more specifically, harbor water, is full of pollutants both from humans and from sea life. Oil, garbage and other waste is most prominent in places where humans and boats hang out. Microplastics float closer to the surface, so we reduce our exposure to these contaminants by gathering at depth. We also harness the power of our environment When seawater freezes, at very cold temperatures, the fresh water separates and freezes first. We skim this fresh water ice away to reduce our water volume with zero energy use.

The End Result: Pure. Perfect. Sea Salt.


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